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This light to medium pressure massage focuses on ultimate relaxation and de-stressing of your body. Feel your tension and anxiety melt away while improving your physical and mental well-being.

Deep Tissue


This heavier pressure massage focuses on alleviating painful knots and trouble spots in your body. Slow, deep, deliberate techniques are used to relieve chronic patterns of tension and help with muscle injuries such as sprains.

Combination Swedish/Deep Tissue


This is a popular and perfect combination of relaxing massage while working out any knots or specific trouble areas. Rejuvenate the body and mind, relieve stress and anxiety, improve circulation, while increasing range of motion and joint flexibility.



This intense form of bodywork is a focused, concentrated massage on a specific area of the body. This technique is used to find and alleviate trigger points in a muscle that transfer pain to other areas of the body.



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This is a relaxing and comfortable massage for expecting moms that treats low back pain, swollen legs, feet and ankles. Every massage will be customized with her utmost comfort in mind. 

Office Party and Corporate Events


Schedule onsite chair massage services for your upcoming office party or corporate events. Contact                                  .

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